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WHAT IS Nigella Sativa?

In many countries of the world,there is growing in herbaceous field crops,a small-leafed,herb about 40 cm in length called Nigella Sativa.The small balck seeds of Nigells Sativa grows in the seed pod of the plant.

It has a lot of vitamins and beneficial molecules to the body.Nigellon and thymoquinon has been known to strengthen the immune system.And can be used as raw materials into some drugs which enchance the immune system.

WHY Nigella Sativa?

There is a simple system of self-defense in the human body,which all diseases and disorders – from colds to cancer – cope with the symptoms.It is the immune system,and it determines the course of the disease.

The drugs used in the treatment of the diseases of the immune system must be strong enough to be effective.

During human and animal medical research,Nigella Sativa,for the cellular immune system (T-helper and activation of neutrophils, etc.),as well as emunctory (antibody, leukotriene etc.),found that all of the elements’ balanced levels(immunmodülatör and immunstimulan) were shown to strengthen.

In the healthy human body,the immune system is what treats itself.

Hz. Muhammed (sav): There is not a Disease that the black seed can not cure."(Buhârî, medical 7 th - Tirmizi medical 5 - Muslim greeting 89).

The dosages,uses and other specs are available for practical use.The written information about the research and its outcomes are not often based on quotes.

In medical research Nigella Sativa oil,also in the form of powder or extract,is used in various compositions.Hundreds of articles in medical journals have been published and are available about Nigella Sativa throughout Asia,the Americas and Europe.

We learn in these studies that everything from pancreatic cancer to treatment-resistant epilepsy were unchanged until therapeutic effects on the diseases were observed in clinical observations – these findings about Nigella Sativa have been been demonstrated by research laboratories.The common outcome of the effect of the herb was that the immune system strengthened and became stable.


In 1998, Nigella Sativanu was tested by me on bronchial asthma.I rode the Hadith(Hadis-i Şerif) above and i started to use it for treating my self. There was an exploration of alternative treatments,though I could not see sufficient benefits.However,after determining by referral how to use it on my family,and after the first clinic in the radiology and imaging examination,I performed the treatments on all chronic patients and those in search of cancer cures.

The number is up to about 4000. In the treatment of different cancers,approximately 300 people were monitored and studied on a regular basis.Almost all experienced positive results in various measures.The patients varied in ages between 1.5 and 73 years old.

In foreign journals,there have been published articles on the side effects of Nigells Sativanun, based on different diseases.

In these publications,the immune system in both animal and human cellular make-up (such as the activation of T-helper),as well as emunctory (antibodies, etc.),the levels of all balanced elements (immunmodülatör and immunstimulan) has been shown to strengthen.Depending on the study,side effects were not reported in various publications or on the patients.

Of interest,the positive effect of Nigella Satuvanum is not considered an alternative form of treatment,but mainstream, especially when recommended that patients do not disrupt the course of their treatments.

Chronic diseases and their treatments must often be applied for a lifetime.In these patients, in regards to the complaints of their symptoms,were treated with Nigella Sativa, and were monitored.Changes in the doses of the drug were performed under medical supervision.In cancer patients treated with this medication,the disease is particularly more beneficial than for those with hypertension and diabetes.In these patients, even with medications, benefits were not noticed.In general, the quality of life was no longer reported. However,its impact on the shape of the disease after a longer period of time,laboratory results showed that more patients were needed for the study.These potential studied patients will report the results of regular treatments of Nigella Sativanu,the grand scale of experience for physicians and clinicians with research will be possible.

Another major point that should not be ignored is how the influencial effects of the drug is different from individual to individual.And supported by the results of earlier laboratory and clinical medical research with patients that were admitted to our long-term study were positively recommended on the basis of the study.


Nigella Sativa is usually sold raw,however,it is also imported and launched.To avoid mix-ups in the processing of Nigella Sativa,it is recommended and preferred that unseasoned local Nigella Sativa be used.

A teaspoon of raw (not roasted and unseasoned) black seeds of Nigella Sativa (approx. 2 grams) can be milled into flour or bran size.It is best to mill into bran size,as the flour consistency can cause nausea.Milling can be performed with electric coffee grinders or even a pepper mill may be used.(The grinding process will not work with some pepper mills that are available in the general markets,which is why u need to carry a little Nigella Sativa to try before you buy.)

Regardless of the different ways to process Nigella Sativanun,the impact on the diseases it is treating will be the same and consistent.Nigella Sativanun is edible enough to take straight from the ground seeds.It can be taken as pills and can be swallowed with water without chewing.

If this advice is not heeded,absorption can dissipate,and nausea may result if not administered properly.After being ground, and if the aromatic fatty acides oxidize and evaporate,the effect of the medication will be reduced.To reduce stomach irritation and nausea,it is recommended to take after a light meal.The side effects are very mild,particularly to the digestive system,such as flatulence and sour stomach,but antacids can be used to lessen these.


One teaspoon in the morning and another teaspoon in the evening is the recommended dosage.The dosage of two teaspoons (one teaspoon in the morning,one teaspoon in the evening)should be continued until the effects felt,usually after the second month.And should be continued for 6 months.A reduction to one teaspoon as soon as effects are felt is considered a correct dosage.It is suitable for fit or underweight people to start with and continue on a one teaspoon per day dosage.

The full effect of Nigella Sative can be seen after six months of usage.For this effect to continue,it must be taken indefinitely.

Nigella after you start taking it should not be stopped or doses changed without strict medical supervision.According to age and weight in children,a half or one third of the dose is sufficient.Make sure that unheated foods are given with the doseage.There is no age restriction to use this medication.


Impact on the immune system becomes apparent after six months of treatment.For chronic illnesses, this medication can be used for a lifetime.Medical treatment does not interfere with any other drug therapies and can be used in tandem. (Liver function tests did not change with the recommded doses.)

For chronic patients,lifelong cures and preventative care is positive,while in healthy people without any disease,it can be used simply to strengthen the immune system.


For the treatment of all chronic diseases,the prevention of reoccurance,the drug can be used.Curing cancer patients,the treatment should be considered a lifelong therapy.

Where body resistance is low and with frequently ill children and adults,once a day or every other day would be sufficient.

Long-term Nigella Sativa drug therapy in patients with chronic diseases may actually reduce or even eliminate the need.

Strengthening the immune system simplifies the treatment of all diseases - the prevention of emergence and/or recurrence has proven supportive.Because of this effect in severe chronic diseases,it can be used together with other mainstream drugs.When not used in teh treatment of diseases,it can be used as a preventative measure.

Postoperative infection from surgical wounds are reduced and even eliminated if used for a sufficient amount of time prior to surgery.

Published domestic and foreign medical journals have determined that the following diseases at different rates are effective in animal and human experiments during clinical and laboratory findings:
- Allergic diseases:Bronchial asthma,hay fever,urticaria,dermatitis.
- Respiratory system diseases:bronchiectasis,fibrosis and watch the intertisyel diseases,such as silikozis
- Rheumatic Diseases
- Skin diseases:psoriasis, Allopesiler.Eczema,Vitiligo
-Nervous system disorders:Neuritis,Myelitis,multiple sclerosis,demiyenilizan diseases,transfer of resistance to drugs.
-Kidney diseases:of nephritis,proteinuria,and urinary tract diseases often passed.(Especially in paralyzed patients with treatment-resistant urinary tract diseases)
- All forms of bone marrow (blood) diseases:leukemia and lymphoma.
- Digestive system disorders:colitis,diabetes.
- Chronic liver diseases:Hepatitis-B and C, Autoimmune hepatitis.
-Heart and vascular diseases:hypertension and arteriosclerosis in the empty stomach is recommended to be taken.
- Dialysis patients.
-Cancer treatment with the drugs and medicines can be used in later periods.Moreover,this effect in patients with immune system by strengthening disclosure during chemical treatment by reducing blood levels of free radicals alleviates the side effects.
- Amyloidosis
- Familial Mediterranean Fever (fmf)
- Some types of infertility:the development of antibodies against sperm have.
-Acute (sudden and temporary) disease prevention, to reduce the frequency and intensity of symptoms.
- In the absence of beneficial drug treatment.

*We did not see any publication about the psychiatric disorders.We are awaiting the results of our trial participants


Nigella sativa treatment,when used in appropriate doses, along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in patients,liver function tests did not affect the immune system.Side effects of the drugs in the blood stream increased as free radicals were reduced and the reduced amount of toxin molecules have been reported.

It is NOT recommended for pregnant women except for later in the third trimester because it has not been studied efficiently to determine if premature birth can result.

Recommended daily amount of Nigella Sativa is a teaspoon (about 2 g). No more than twice that much is recommended as a higher dose would be more harmful than good because of the effects of the toxins should not be forgotten.

For digestive system diseases before the system has acclimated to the medication,antacids may be taken to ease the symptoms


The information on this website is the result of a 12-year study.Experiences that are not or no information not shown in the article have not been taken lightly.

We do not attempt any commercial purpose.We are reaching out to add more people to our studies,as our objective of four hundred thousand a year to the present-day developments adds in information and personal experience.

Nigella Sativanu regular users,we are waiting for their responses, based on their past and present uses.

The information on this website may be published by giving reference.

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